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JAVAFILE Recommends:

Script One Check - HOT! Only allow one check box to be checked inside of a form.
Script Add To Favorites This simple script will let visitors bookmark your website with a click!
Script ASCII Conversions Convert a letter into ASCII. Usefull tool for computer nerds alike.
Script Auto Frame Buster Use this little javascript to automatically break your webpages out of anyone elses frames.
Script Auto-Reload Automatically reloads the current web page in a specified amount of time.
Script Auto-Update Displays the last date that you modified your page on automatically.
Script Browser Dropper This will cause the browser to drop down and disappear behind the screen. Cool!
Script Browser Redirect Send visitors to pages created specifically for their browser. Works with Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator.
Script Descriptor Very handy for displaying Help or FAQ material on your site.
Script Display by Hour This script lets you specify a different page to be displayed by the hour. Great for 'good morning' and 'good evening' pages or any other type of page based on the hour of the day.
Script Downloader Find out how long that huge download will take.
Script Easy Include Tired of changing the same thing on all of your pages? Use this easy include system and you just edit one page and the changes will show all over your site!
Script Guestbook Create a simple guestbook with this handy script.
Script Hotmail Check your Hotmail email account right from your web page.
Script HTML Editor 1 Allows you to create web pages on an existing web page.
Script HTML Editor 2 Allows you to create web pages on an existing web page.
Script Keep Scrollin' Keep Scrollin' Scrollin' Scrollin'... or not. Let your visitors decide!
Script Link Generator This great script allows visitors to generate link codes for your 'Link To My Site' buttons with one click.
Script Location Displays the URL of the current frame on your webpage.
Script Metatag Maker This full-featured script enables you to create all of the most popular metatags for your pages!
Script Metatag Redirect This simple metatag allows you to redirect visitors to any page you like!
Script Multiple Select This form makes it easier for the webmaster and the user to select things from a form. Recommended!
Script Multi-Address Email Add several email addresses for your visitors to choose from with this simple drop down box script.
Script Net Address Access your Net@ddress email account from your webpage!
Script News Banner Put news or announcements on your site a month at a time!
Script No Link Line Take those annoying lines off of all your links.
Script No Right Click This script will deter people from taking your graphics! Disallows right-clicking on your web page.
Script No Right Click PLUS! This is an awesome trick! Disallows right-clicking on your web page and hides your source code too!
Script No Right Click 2 Another great script that will help you protect your images and web page content.
Script No Right Click 3 This handy script keeps visitors from right clicking on your page and easily swiping your graphics. An alert message opens in a new popup window with whatever message you want.
Script No Right Click 4 Everytime a user clicks on the right mouse button or if they have three mouse buttons, the alert window will pop up and will display a message.
Script No Right Click 5 By popular demand, here is a "silent" version of the popular No Right Click script that doesnt pop up an alert message.
Script No Right Click 6 Yet another No Right Click script but this one will work in Netscape 6.x! Try to Right Click with your mouse on this page.
Script OverLIB Want to describe your text links to visitors without taking up a lot of room on your page? Have a tiny configurable popup window appear over text links on your pages!
Script Safe Color This script allows you to preview background colors with a simple mouseover effect.
Script Shutdown Browser This script allows you to close a visitors browser. (Not sure what the point of that is, but we thought it might be a fun script to play with).
Script Title Animation Have fun with this title animating script.
Script Traffic Cop Automatically sends visitors to the correct page depending on which browser they are using.
Script TV Networks Put a special script on your page that lets your visitors go to all the top TV network sites.
Script View Source 1 View the source code of the current page by clicking on a simple text link.
Script View Source 2 View the source code of the current page by clicking on a form button.
Script Add To Sidebar The sidebar script simply adds a webpage- any webpage- residing on your site to the SideBar of Netscape 6. The browser then requests this webpage from your server everytime the visitor asks to view it from the bar.
Script Image Resizer Resize an image based on your browser's window size. You can set the image size to any percentage of the browser window you want, and you can have multiple resizing images on one page.
Script Jump To Top For pages that are several folds long, providing a quick way to get to the top may be appreciated by your visitors.
Script Preload Images Use this script to not only preload any number of images before displaying them, but also, get a live update on it's progress through an update bar.
Script Progress Bar Here is a cool dynamic progress bar. Use it to provide graphical countdown to any action that involves a delay before execution.
Script Scrollbar Colors Change the colors of the scrollbars in visitors browsers to match your webpages! (This script is compatible with IE 5.5+ only at the time of this writing).
Script Splash Page This DHTML script allows you to set up a splash screen effect through only one page, regardless of the number of messages you wish to have "splashed." The messages are automatically centered on the page by the script.
Script Timed Ad Box This cool DHTML ad script displays an "inexcusable" box in the middle of the page, broadcasting ads of your choice inside. The box automatically disappears after x seconds, with its display frequency configurable (ie: show ad box only 1 of out 5 times the page is loaded).
Script ABPoll Master Put an excellent Polling applet on your page for your visitors enjoyment.
Script Goldfish Goldfish lets you add a fun little goldfish-in-a-bowl to your pages! Move your mouse over the bowl and the fish will follow you around!
Script Quick Quiz Put an interactive quiz on your page to keep your visitors entertained.
Script RBarcode A java applet and a java class you can use to create barcodes for your website or java application.
Script Say it Now! This phenomenal script allows you to add text-to-speech capability to your website!
Script Vmax Chat An amazingly full featured chat applet. Runs fast and reliably but does require some advanced coding skills to set up correctly.

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