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What's ProScroll?

ProScroll is yet another applet that scrolls text across a page. It supports images and multicolored text...

ProScroll is completely free - use it on any website, make your own versions of it, give it to your friends, and so on.

Applet Parameters

TEXT The text to scroll. For multi-colored text, put the following codes in:
#red# - red
#green# - green
#blue# - blue
#yellow# - yellow
#orange# - orange
#white# - white
#lightGray# - light gray
#gray# - gray
#darkGray# - dark gray
#black# - black
#cyan# - cyan
#magenta# - magenta
#pink# - pink

For example, TEXT="#blue#Hello #green#world" will scroll the word 'Hello' in blue and 'world' in green. To insert an image, place a $ sign in the place where you want it be. Then in the IMAGES parameter, specify a space separated list of image file names, in the order in which they appear in the text.
Here's the tag for an example applet that will scroll image1.gif and image2.gif:
<PARAM NAME=IMAGES VALUE="image1.gif image2.gif">

If you want an actual # or $ symbol in the text, rather than a color change or an image, insert /# and /$. If you want a /, use //.

TEXTURL The URL to fetch the text from. If an error occurs while loading the URL, the text from the TEXT parameter is used instead.
FONT The font to use for display. Default is TimesRoman.
SIZE The font size to use for display. Default is 12 point.
STYLE The font style to use for display. Valid styles are plain, bold, italic and bolditalic. Default is plain.
URL The URL to point the browser to when the user clicks on the scroller. There isn't a URL by default.
TARGET The frame to display the URL in, this is either _self, _top, _blank, or the name of a frame. Default is _self. This is only used if a URL is specified.
SPEED The speed at which to scroll. Valid values are slow, medium, and fast. Default is fast.
IMAGES See TEXT parameter info.
BGCOLOR The background color of the scroller. This is specified as a TEXT parameter-style color name. See the TEXT parameter info for a list of all the colors names. Default is black. Note that the # aren't needed, so specify something like red instead of #red#.

Author: slava@galaxycorp.com

Download the Script

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