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JAVAFILE Recommends:

Script Buzz Tape Create a very cool looking buzzing ticker. The best part is that it loads as fast as text!
Script Headliner Add scrolling headlines to your page. Very cool!
Script Infobar This information bar displays scrolling text. Easy to configure.
Script Marquee A great scrolling marquee you can add to your page.
Script Message Scroll This simple script will add a scrolling message to your page.
Script Speedy Scroll A scrolling message with variable speed settings.
Script Typing Banner Make your own scrolling banner with this script!
Script Typing Scroller This script will type out messages of unlimited length.
Script Cross Marquee This is a marquee script that is cross-browser compatible. Put in some text and watch it scroll horizontally across the screen. It's even clickable!
Script Cross Marquee 2 This is a marquee script that is cross-browser compatible. Put in some text and watch it scroll vertically up the screen. It's even clickable!
Applet Advanced Ticker This is by far the BEST looking ticker we have seen yet.
Applet Announce It No more heavy Gifs! This Applet displays as many text messages as you need with different "fade out".
Applet Corf Scroller This is a small applet that allows you to display horizontally scrolling text. It is unique in that it sets font size automatically. Highly configurable with url launch included.
Applet Data Text This applet simulates someone typing w/sound. Add your own text.
Applet Fading News This applet fades text messages in and out of view, displaying several headlines in a fun and cool way. Perfect for news headlines, or website updates!
Applet Feeder Text Basic scrolling Java Applet, but works well and is relatively easy to set up.
Applet LEDd Applet Nice little LED style ticker display lets you add any text you like. Simple to use and great looking!
Applet L-Scroll Text This script is easy to use and easy to configure. You can change the background, text color and the link.
Applet Luminous True text fading to any background image.
Applet Message Board Just watch the demo for information on using this amazing Applet.
Applet Message Scroll An awesome presntation applet...view the source after downloading to see how to configue the parameters for your site... enjoy!
Applet Navigation Ticker The applet is capable of viewing different messages each can have its own optional URL dislayed at the browser status bar.
Applet News Ticker Simple news ticker applet lets you display news items on your page quickly and easily.
Applet Orbitary The Orbiter free applet puts your message in orbit around the graphic of your choice.
Applet Pac Text Pac man is unleashed on your page and eats your definable text! Loads of fun!
Applet ProScroll ProScroll is yet another applet that scrolls text across a page. It supports images and multicolored text.
Applet Row Shift Scrolling ticker applet with configurable background colors. You can even make the background transparent to match your own colors!
Applet Scroller The Scroller applet is very easy to use and configure. Ideal for displaying pictures on your site, and all images are a link!
Applet Text Transporter This applet will display text as if it were being typed on a typewriter.
Applet Text Typer Add any message you like to this useful typing Applet.
Applet TickerLine A compact, easy to configure one line news ticker.
Applet Tickertape Banner Add this easy to use tickertape banner to your site.
Applet Typing Text Effect This applet will display text as if it were being typed on a typewriter.
Applet VMax Ticker Scrolling Ticker Java Applet... very configurable and easy to use.

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