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JAVAFILE Recommends:

Script Big Text Just run your mouse over the text and watch the change.
Script Bouncing Text Type in a new message and watch it change...cool! You can display you message in the text box, the status bar, or both places!
Script Circle Text Too cool for words. Check it out.
Script Crazy Text This page will transform your message into crazy text.
Script Dancing Links This script will make your link text color flash and change!
Script Drip! Make your text drip down the page with this fun script!
Script Dropping Text Place these tags on your site and have any text you chose "Drop" into place. You'll see!
Script Linker This is one cool headliner that you can add as many links to that you want. Very easy to configure and use!
Applet Left to Right This script creates a "fading" effect of colors from one side of a table to the other.
Script Randomizer This script generates a random message each time the page is loaded.
Script Round About Another cool mouse trail script. But this one is very clean and easy to use. Rad.
Script Simple Link This is a simple script that makes text clickable. No underline, link color or hover. Just clicking text!
Script Special Date This script allows you display a specific message on a specific date!
Script Splash Whoa...this is one cool attention grabber...grab it!
Script Text Writer This is a really neat way to display headlines or updates for your website!
Script Tip Machine The Tip Machine is an ideal way to...well...show tips! But you can use it for many different things on your site.
Script Type Text Type Text is a neat little input box that will display... well I am not going to tell you.. yet!
Script 3-D Text (DHTML) DHTML can be used to replace images in rendering 3D and fancy text! Text created with DHTML loads much faster than gifs, and are easier to manipulate on the fly.
Script Bouncy Message Here is a text script that bounces a message around your visitor's window screen. Not only can you add HTML to the mix, but also, configure precisely the speed of the animation, and whether the message should disappear after x seconds.
Script Dynamic Text This script dynamically generates scrolling, clickable, fading text. Very cool!
Applet 3D Message This cool Applet will display text in 3 dimensions.
Applet Animated Text Animated growing and shrinking text.
Applet Arc Text Arcs and bounces text of your choice. Interesting applet. Very configurable.
Applet Ball Writer This applet moves a ball around and types out the text of a given textfile. Very slick!
Applet Bcolor Text Display the text of your choice in various colors. Nice little applet!
Applet Blinker This applet displays the text by blinking it, with a little bit of fading in between.
Applet Blow Character Blow a text character across the page with this applet!
Applet Bumpy Font Add bumpy texture to any font and includes a great spotlight effect!
Script Chomp Text Chomp text features a pac-man like chomper that eats the text you specify!
Applet Circle Title This applet produces animated circles... oooh! aaah!
Applet Crazy Titles This will do some weird and wild things with your text.
Applet Cross Fader Fades text from one message to the next. Easy to use!
Applet Fading Text This applet will fade your text into a rainbow of different colors. All of the features of this applet can be changed.
Applet Fireball Text Each piece of text links to a URL (it becomes a link).
Applet Firetitle This applet was designed using a fractal technique that is very fast.
Applet Fireworks This applet displays text surrounded by fireworks.
Applet Flozoids This is one cool app! To change the text, you will have to open the included .txt file and put your text in there.
Applet Fountain Your text will cascade just like fountain with this very cool applet!
Applet Gradient Scroll This super applet will let you scroll text over a gradient background. No special images required... easy setup and very configurable. Awesome applet!
Applet Hilite Text This applets highlights title text (duh).
Applet Jitter Text Applet displays text jittery and shaking.
Applet Jumping Title The title is bounced around with a nice tail shaded with descending colors.
Applet Messager Messager is a great presentation applet. Background and foreground color can be changed.
Applet Messager 2 Messager 2 is yet another presentation applet. Background and foreground color can be changed.
Applet Mixup This applet scrambles text and then reassembles it.
Applet MMContour Scroller This applet is a scroller which will trace the contour of an image and use this borderline as the path for a scrolling text.
Applet Pouring Title A text chosen by the user will be filled with pouring water.
Applet Reverse Text This simple script will reverse and display and text you enter into the input box.
Applet Scrolling Text Add much more information to your site, in a much smaller space with this amazing text scrolling applet! Loads fast and simple to setup and modify!
Applet Shadow Text Adds a dropshadow to the text of your choice. Speeds up page loading time by eliminating bulky shadowed graphics!
Applet Sine Text This cool little applet reverses direction when user's click on the applet.
Applet Sinus Title This applets draws a title text of which the color is a mixture of two chosen colors.
Applet Slot Text Displays text in a unique 'slot-machine' fashion. Check it out!
Applet SoftShadow Applet Give your text a soft 'neon-glow' effect. Very easy to use!
Applet Starfield Text that you define scrolls across a field of stars. Very nice!
Applet Star Wars Scroll Scrolling text that looks just like the start of the Star Wars movies! Awesome applet, especially for Star Wars fans!
Applet URL Text This applet slowly fades in some text. Each text is a "link".
Applet Water Logo This applet displays the message by letting the text appear to emerge from the water and letting the text be reflected on wavy water.

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