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JAVAFILE Recommends:

Click here to check out our Pop-Up Windows Tutorial!

Script Auto Resize This is one of the handiest little scripts around! If you want a popup window that sizes itself based upon the size of the image you are popping, this is the script for you!
Script Age Verification This is an age verification script that will let you in if you're 18 or older, send you away if you're a younger kid.
Script Close With Button If you have JavaScript open a new window, use this little script to create a button you can click on to close the window!
Script Full Window This script opens a new window in "full-screen" mode.
Script Gone And Pop This tiny bit of script will open a popup window whenever a visitor leaves the page the script is on!
Script New Window 1 This script is particularly useful if you have some information that you want to be available to the public for only a short time and you don't want to delete it all the time.
Script New Window 2 Just select a link from the drop window, and...bingo...you're there! Open a "new" browser window.
Script New Window 3 A neat script you can use to re-direct to a new url or use for on-site updates.
Script Open Windows This script will automatically load 3 new windows when your page is entered. You can use these windows for ads, re-directs.
Script Pick Window Size Allows visitors to choose the dimensions they want to open a new window in. Interesting script!
Script Pop And Gone This script opens a new window and then closes it automatically after a specified time.
Script Pop And Gone 2 When a visitor clicks on a link and a small window pops up, this script will automatically close the small popup window after a specified time.
Script Pop And Gone 3 This script opens a popup window automatically with an Onload event and gives you the option to close with a button or a text/image link.
Script Pop And Gone 4 This script allows you to place a button or image link that will close a framed page in a popup window.
Script Popup Once Open a new window and show it to a visitor only once! great for banner ads and news updates.
Script Unload Go to this page and leave it... you'll see! :)
Script Your Window Allows users to open a window in the dimensions they specify.
Script Chromeless Window Create windows without the habitual look of the browser, so the user can better focus on the content of the site and with almost all of the possibilities of a conventional window.
Applet Popup Menu This cool applet is a fully customizable Image Map applet with pop up sub-menus and interactive image displays.

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