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The "No Right-Click" Script - with a twist!

One of the most requested scripts we offer at the JavaFile.com is the No Right-Click script. Does it work? Sure...if the person who is trying to view your code is a new web surfer, it will deter them. It also provides protection for the image files on your site.

Here's an example of the script in action...just try right-clicking on the image below:

JavaFile.com - Free Java and Javascripts!

Download the no-right-click script.

It works! It's cool! And it's totally useless on it's own :) Yep, yep...savvy users know they only have to use the browser menu to sneak a peak at your code. And there's not a thing you can do to stop them...or is there?

Let's try it. On your browser menu, click on View, then on Page Source if using Netscrap. (Just Source if using Internet Exploder)

WAIT! After you try it, close the source and come back here...ok...GO!

WHOA!...pretty slick eh? So I guess you wanna know how it's done right? Sure, send a certified check for $700.00 to: just kidding.

This neat little trick, used in conjunction with the No Right-Click Script will have 'em running for cover! The first time I had it pulled on me it scared the bejeebers right outta me. (Mind you, I wasn't being nosy...HONEST).

Ok...one more time. View the source again but take a closer look and see if you can figure it out. It's really not that hard, but it's deceptive enough to work on the average person. Figure it out? No? Okay, here's how...but don't tell anyone!

This is a simple little trick that only requires a few clicks of the Enter key on the keyboard! Yup, just start the actual html part of your page further down. Most people will not even notice the scroll bar on the right. Ok, cat's outta the bag...view the source again and you'll see it's there...just hidden down the page :)

Now, if you use a WYSIWYG html editor, I'm not sure if it will recognize the carriage returns you put in. So I recommend you build your page with Note Pad or a plain text editor.

Well, that's it! Hope you enjoy the little trick and find it useful. And please tell your friends about us so they can enjoy all the great applets and script at the JavaFile!

If you need more help with using Java applets or Javascript,
try this cool Java Help Page at HTMLclinic.com!


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