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The applets above demonstrate Senser's three main tricks: when the mouse moves over an applet, it changes color and shrinks & expands. You can also see the optional 3D effect applied to the text.
The AudioFile plays only when the applet is clicked to indicate that the links are being processed.
Senser is the a 'touch-sensitive' button link designed for use in multiples to create a menu. Unlike most buttons, this responds to the mouse lingering over the applet for a preset time by opening up to four URLs/Targets, although it can be set to wait for a click instead if required. When focused, Senser animates by either alternating between two text colors, shrinking and expanding, or both. In touch-sensitive mode, when the brief animation is over, Senser checks to see if the mouse is still over the applet and makes the links if it is. In clickable mode, the animation can be interrupted anytime by clicking to link.

All text and background colors are editable, along with font, optional 3D effect and color, and animation styles.

Author: [Senser is a freeware product from CoolFocus]

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