HTML required to use the applet:

<applet code="hJavamenu.class" width="150" height="180">
<param name=meny value="meny2.mnu">
<param name=bgcolor value="10,10,40">
<param name=menucolor value="70,70,100">
<param name=textcolor value="200,200,255">
<param name=linkcolor value="255,255,255">
<param name=3d value="1">
<param name=fontsizemain value="16">
<param name=fontsizesub value="10">

Parameter description:

menu - a text-file containing the menu-description.
bgcolor - Background color.
menucolor - The background color of submenus.
textcolor - The color of text-descriptions.
linkcolor - The active color of links on the main menu.
fontsizemain - Font-size of the main menu.
fontsizesub - Font-size of the sub-menus.
3d - 0 = flat submenus, 1 = submenus with bevel.

The menu description-file:

A text-file which the menu use to create a hierarchic structure and content. Each line in the file describes an item in the menu/submenu. This line consists of the following items:

  1. menunumber - a number of the menu/sub-menu the item belongs to. Its important that the number is ascending and the main-menu is number zero.
  2. description - the text which is displayed in an item.
  3. itemtype (link/sub) - the menuitem-function,
    1. link - the menuitem is a hyperlink without a submenu.
    2. sub - the menuitem has a submenu ( but it can also contain a hyperlink )
  4. submenu - the number of the menu/submenu which belongs to this item.
  5. link - hyperlink/url, empty = "#null".
  6. targetframe - target window/frame.
    1. [name] - a frame-name.
    2. _top - the whole browser-window
    3. _blank - a new browser-window.
    4. _parent - the parent-frame.

The parts of the line is divided by ; (semicolon):

example of a text-file:

0;Om 0;News;link;0;;_top

It's important that ; (semikolon) are not used in the description or hyperlink of an item.