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Fading Images 2, Professional Edition

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Getting Started

Copy the Jar file to the directory of the web page that you want to use the applet in. Then open the Tag.txt and copy the example HTML from there into your web page where you want the applet to appear. You can then edit the parameter values and add or remove any parameters you want. For parameter information please refer to our help pages. Simply click on the 'Fading Images 2 Professional Edition' link and you will find the following topics,

  • Parameter Information
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Example
  • Example HTML Tag
  • License Agreement

Class and Jar files

The applet program file has a .class extension. The applet's Class file(s) have been compressed into one Jar file so that it can be downloaded faster at runtime. There for you only need to place the Jar file in your web page's directory.

Popup Window

In the evaluation version a small window will appear when the applet starts. This is not present in the full version.


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