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Another awesome menuing applet with loads of features and options.


In this example, the nudge feature in the ImageVOffset parameter has been used to move the images a little higher on the buttons, and a ButtonBevel size of 2 is used. The ButtonColor is the same as the page background and the HighlightColor and ShadowColor have been altered from their defaults to better suit the page colour. To prevent these button linking anywhere the URL entries have been prefaced with a dollar sign.

ChromeLink is copied from the button styling popularised by recent applications such as Microsoft® Internet Explorer and Windows 98. Taking a single image, ChromeLink passes it through a greyscale filter to initially display a 'chromed' version. When focussed, the bevelled button-edges become visible and the full-colour version of the image is shown. When pressed, the button depresses and the image is darkened slightly.

ChromeLink also allows a text-label to be placed on the button. Both image and text are horizontally centered. Vertical positioning of image and text can be easily changed using 'offset' parameters, but by default the image is vertically centered and the text sits just above the base of the button. All colours are selectable including bevel highlight and shadow, buttoncolor, and focussed and unfocussed text, and font options are all editable. Width of the button bevel is also selectable.

ChromeLink also supports 2-stage sound (click and release), and a single click can open up to 4 URLs into their own target frames. Of course, it's also possible to use only text on the button, or indeed to use nothing at all if you prefer your buttons on the dull side!

Author: [ChromeLink is a shareware product from CoolFocus]

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