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AlphaNet is one awesome menu. All features of the applet can be changed... have fun!

Here AlphaNet has automatically sorted 40 film titles into alphabetical order before displaying them.

The 'sticky' feature is switched on, and the StickyColor is set to black.

Links are disabled, so click as much as you like.

Here splitters have been added to the menu, to notionally divide the entries into alphabetical groups. Splitters don't react to the mouse and can't link anywhere, so have no URL or Target associations.
AlphaNet is a compact menu system whose speciality is to sort its entries alphabetically. Up to 1000 entries can be placed on the menu, each linking to its own URL and frame target. The alphabetical method of organizing links has two particular uses. First, it's an ideal way to present a list of links with well-known names (such as software products, film titles, countries, brand names). Second, you can create multiple links to the same page using different keyword-based text for each, thus providing a 'searchable' index of your site that should help everyone find what they're looking for.

In this second scenario, AlphaNet has another useful trick. Instead of entering a separate URL parameter for every text entry on the menu, you instead just enter each individual URL once. You then specify which URL each entry should use by its numerical reference. Along with speeding up the process of coding the page, this makes quite a difference to the size of the finished document.

AlphaNet has a variety of color and reactivity options, including a 'sticky' option to indicate the last-selected entry, and the font is user-definable. The scrollbar is added to the applet only if it contains more entries than can be shown. Along with the alphabetizing of the entries, much of the setting up is automated, and a Testmode feature tells you the best possible dimensions for the applet to ensure a clean display without wasting real estate.

AlphaNet also includes options that allow separate alphabetical groups of entries to be gathered together (effectively forming multiple alphabetical lists), and non-reactive 'splitters' can be placed anywhere on the menu.

Author: [AlphaNet is a shareware product from CoolFocus]

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