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JAVAFILE Recommends:

Script 2 in 1 DropMenu Select a value in one dropdown and load a new set of values into another dropdown! Very handy! Makes a great little menuing system!
Script Bookmark menu This applet/script reads a bookmarks file (in Netscape format) and displays the corresponding menu, like the one in Netscape's toolbar.
Script Combo Box Combo box with link description...you can add as many as you want!
Script Cool Menu Awesome little script that creates a really nice little javascript based menu.
Script Dial Menu Pick a number as you would a phone and dial it to navigate!
Script Drop Down Surf Choose a destination page from the drop down menu and click Go!
Script Flying Menu Here is a great little Menu that will fly around your page. If you know HTML, the sky is the limit with this little gem!
Script Go Menu Choose a destination page from the drop down menu and click Go!
Script Go Menu 2 Another interesting form box navigation script.
Script Hierarchal Menu Add a 'tree' style menu complete with opening and closing folders with this surprisingly simple script!
Script History Menu Here is an interesting twist in menuing, send visitors back one, two or more pages in thier History list!
Script Image Map Create an imagemap for your page with this cool script! (NS Only)
Script Link Delay This script allows you to specify a timed delay on your links!
Script Link Info Click on a link and watch what happens...cool! Good link router.
Script Link Menu Click a link and "you are gone"!
Script Link Menu 2 Just select an item from the list and bingo! You're there in a new window.
Script Link by Minute Depending on what minute of the hour it is (1 - 59) this script will post a new link on your page.
Script Link Selector 1 Nice for sites with many internal links. Since it's html generated, you can put as many of these on a page as desired. The only script is the "go" button!
Script Link Selector 2 If a new link is selected it will go there without having to press the go button...neat!
Script Link Selector 3 This one gives you the option of opening the link in a new window...great for sites with many links.
Script Link Wheel This script rotate links w/descriptions...very nice!
Script Menu Brand Add a Yahoo/Geocites style floating menu to your page!
Script Multi Frame Link This cool script allows you to open pages in multiple frames with one click!
Script Radio Button Use standard radio buttons for navigation!
Script Radio Button 2 Use standard radio buttons and click on Go for navigation!
Script Radio Nav Use standard radio buttons for navigation!
Script Random Links This script generates random links. Click a new link each time the page is loaded.
Script Right Click Menu This is a neat little menu that appears when you right click on a webpage! Very cool!
Script Slide In Menu A cool little menu that slides in from the left when you put your mouse over the edge.
Script Sneaky Link A neat, and almost always annoying trick to get people to go somewhere.
Script TV Remote Select a television station from the list to go to it's site.
Script Wobble Menu This menu wobbles as it sits idle. Mouse over for it to go back to normal. Fun!
Script Dynamic Scroll This cool script generates a transparent vertical scrolling menu, or news box.
Script Menu Roll This great script puts a menu on your page thats scrolls into place when you load the page.
dhtml Slide In Menu A cool menu bar that automatically slides open from the left edge of the screen as the surfer moves the mouse over it. Moving the mouse out will cause it the bar to slide back in.
dhtml Static Menu Here is a menu that scrolls down the page with you, so you never lose your links! Cross Browser compatible and relatively easy to setup.
dhtml CollapseIT Click a link to open your menu. Click it again to close it!
Applet ABCMenuMan Nice demo menu applet.. great fading effect!
Applet ABCNavUltimate This applet is an amazing navigation menu with great special fx!
Applet AlphaNet AlphaNet is one awesome menu. All features of the applet can be changed... have fun!
Applet apMenu Applet Apmenu lets you generate appealing menus with impressive mouseover and color-fade effects. Featuring 12 killer fade animations, configure colors, fonts, sounds, background to achieve an infinite variety of different menu appearances and behaviours.
Applet Ball Menu 3D Here is an amazing menu made of floating spheres! Loads of options and simple to use.
Applet Bubble Menu Here is an awesome menuing applet that will add bubbles to any image you like and allow you to setup a very cool menuing system.
Applet Chromelink Another awesome menuing applet with loads of features and options.
Applet CoolStrip An excellent menuing applet with image and sound.
Applet Display Links With this applet, you can display links with descriptions.
Applet DJ Pop This applet is one of the trendiest and coolest we have seen yet! Give it a try!
Applet Dualink Here's 2 nice examples of the DuaLink applet. Take your pick or take both!
Applet Fading Images 2 Cool little menu applet that fades one picture to another and the link URL changes too!
Applet Hjava Menu Nice compact little Java menu. Very configurable and simple to use.
Applet Image Menu 2 Here's 3 examples of using java with images, sounds, and mouse-over effects.
Applet Java Dropdown Here's a very nice drop menu made with Java...enjoy!
Applet Link Panel Here's a super cool and easy to configure vertical menu.
Applet Link Lister Small but functional Java based dropdown menuing system, complete with link descriptions.
Applet My Computer This cool navigation applet loads quick and can be a real space saver.
Applet NavTool NavTool will create a sliding navigation, a popout navigation and more. All options are configurable.
Applet Olistar Menu This is an excellent menuing applet. Move your mouse cursor over any of the buttons to see the effect.
Applet PopUp Menu This is an excellent menuing applet. Lots of options and very configurable.
Applet PopUp Menu 2 Here's another Java generated link menu. Once again, you can have as many links as you like.
Applet Quick Link This applet can be used for many purposes...add as many links as needed and use images relating to your page theme...have fun!
Applet Radiate Menu The latest release of this cool applet!
Applet Raised Links Awesome 3-d menu with sound.
Applet Rtree Menu Great Java applet that creates Trees and menus for your web site or java application.
Applet Salang Menu Here's 2 super navigation menus for your site.
Applet Screen Lock A multipurpose menu with many possible configurations.
Applet Senser The Senser is a very nice applet!
Applet Slick Tree A menu that combines creativity, sensibility and genious into one! I personally love this menu system, and hope you will too.
Applet Spin Wheel This is a neat and out of the ordinary applet. You can really spice up your site!
Applet Star Menu Star menu is a very easy to configure menu system. Try it today!
Applet Target Hit the target with this applet! Great for a links site or your main page.
Applet Text Glow Make text glow.. (gee what a surprise).. cool effect!
Applet Tree Navigation Add this amazing Tree/Folder based navigation system to your pages. This will make your visitors trip through your site as easy as a couple of clicks.
Applet URL Scroll Scroll through your URL's with this handy applet.
Applet X-Linker This is an amazing little navigation applet, features easy customization of colors and text, and even has cool mouseover effects on each button.

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