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H-Pic View

If you have the energy and resources, this is one fantastic applet for your site. We've included all the instructions in the .zip file...have fun!

Use the button at top left to select from a drop-down list, double click on the list entry to view the selected image. The (optional) scroll buttons display sequentially. The example above has 3D borders.

PicView intelligently formats text according to the display area needed by images, which always align to top left (but you can set an x/y offset). The number of images is unlimited, the list adds a scrollbar as required. Images can be click-linked to any URL - George and Dennis above are linked to a test page. Linked entries show an *asterisk* in the caption bar.

To avoid lengthy applet param tags PicView can read it's data from a simple server-hosted text configuration file (PicView config files are interchangeable with SlideShow config files).
Full instructions in the documentation, included with the download .zip file.

Author: Javafile.com

Download the Script

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