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JAVAFILE Recommends:

Script Drag And Drop Drag images anywhere you want on the page and drop them there.
Script Ghost Images Lighten your images, and brighten them on hover. Spooky!
Script Pic's Viewer This script allows you to view images on your hard drive, through your browser. Handy!
Script Rain Cool script that lets you add falling rain to your page.
Script Rainbow Text Change your text into all the colors of the rainbow!
Script Resize Image This tiny script allows you to resize images with a click.
Script Snow Cool script that lets you add falling snow to your page.
Script Dynamic Fireworks Add dynamically created fireworks to your page. Appears randomly all over the page and follows the visitor no matter how much they scroll. Dynamically delicious!
Script Dynamic Intro Dynamic Intro Screen displays with text of your choice. Displays text then loads the next page on your site!
Applet 3D Cube This is one fantastic picture viewing applet for your site.
Applet Anfy Deform This is an image deformer, realtime calculated. Can load any GIF or JPG picture
Applet Anfy Fader This is a cross fader between two pics, realtime calculated. You can load any GIF or JPG picture.
Applet Anfy Tunnel This is a tunnel, realtime calculated. Can load any GIF or JPG picture.
Applet Anfy Water This is a water simulator over an image, realtime calculated. Can load any GIF or JPG picture.
Applet Bumpz This cool applet puts a translucent bouncing 'searchlight' affect over the images that you specify.
Applet Color Run Your image will run like paint!
Applet Dorian Gray 1 1st in a series of Dorian Gray applets
Applet Dorian Gray 2 2nd in a series of Dorian Gray applets
Applet Dorian Gray 3 3rd in a series of Dorian Gray applets
Applet Dorian Gray 4 4th in a series of Dorian Gray applets
Applet Dorian Gray 5 5th in a series of Dorian Gray applets
Applet DS_DUST This is so nifty! Watch the dust spray! *Oooohh*
Applet Fireball Title An excellent presentation applet. Perfect for shorter messages.
Applet Flag Applet This fun applet animates a single image to give the appearance that the image is blowing in the wind like a flag.
Applet Flipper's Reunion Another fantastic picture viewing applet for your site.
Applet Fractal Explorer Fractal Explorer is a Java applet which can open to you the beautiful world of fractals. Its unique features make it quite different from other fractal viewers and generators.
Applet H-pic View This is one fantastic picture viewing applet for your site.
Applet Image Bump Make any image you want look like it has a bumpy texture to it.
Applet Image Fader The applet collects a number of equal-sized pictures and shows them by fading one to another in a cycle.
Applet Image Slider Take any image and slide it in all sorts of directions!
Applet JavaCam Applet Awesome applet that pans back and forth over various areas of a graphic. Tool cool!
Applet JavaTV Applet Add your own logo to images like the little white eye logo displayed on this applet. Perfect for web cam images!
Applet Lake Applet The Java Lake applet takes your image and gives a reflection in the water...cool!
Applet Marcus Applet Image rotating applet with sound capability. Try this one!
Applet Metamorph Metamorphose is a compact applet for viewing panorama pictures.
Applet Morph Tea Freeware animating/morphing java applet. Morph your Mom!
Applet Netscape Thingy A nice linking applet featuring a certain browser.
Applet Paint Applet Add a small white board your visitors can amuse themselves with. Great fun for kids!
Applet Particles An awesome display of flowingandescent glowing particles. Small or large, this will wow your visitors!
Applet Picture Right This Java applet consists of several dynamic features on a small toolbar for you to adjust the picture properties on the fly.
Applet Pie Chart Nothing delivers information like a full color pie chart and this one is completely customizable with 3D graphics.
Applet Shaking Applet Give your visitors a wake up shake with this amusing applet.
Applet Snow Image Add falling snow to any image you want! Small and easy to install, this applet will add a touch of seasonal merriment to any page.
Applet Spring Fantasies Fun little applet that puts a spring-like feel to your web page.
Applet Stargazer Give your visitors a panoramic dynamic view of the night sky with this amazing applet!
Applet Swarm Applet This applet will display little swarming 'insects' on your page. Simple to set up and fun to watch!
Applet S-Worm Applet The S-Worm is coming! Applet displays a very cool worm-like effect. Hypnotic!
Applet ufoOH! Excellent applet that displays floating spheres of various sizes and colors. Cool!
Applet Vspin Applet This is a great hyperlink or mailto applet.
Applet Wave Applet This is a good example of the Wave.class java applet.
Applet Wire Doo Dad Awesome twirling wire frame effect!
Applet Zenny A mysterious image which responds to mouse moves. It's a Zen thing.

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