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Jonah & the Big Fish

Interesting little applet game based on the Biblical tale of Jonah.

  • 1. Click 's' to restart the game.
  • 2. Use the arrow keys to move Jonah around the ocean.
  • 3. Avoid the whale(s) when the rise to the top of the ocean. Whales rise in three stages. They can not engulf you when rising in the first two stages. When whales are at the top of the ocean, the look like this:

  • 4. When you grab an inner tube you are safe for 10 seconds. The inner tube will turn green when there is only two seconds of protection left.

  • 5. When you grab a fish you are safe for 5 seconds. The fish will turn green when there is only one second of protection left. You also can feed the fish to any whale. This causes the whale to go away because he is full. As time goes by, the whales will multiply, so feed as many as you can!!
  • 6. When you grab an apple you will triple your speed for 8 seconds. The apple will turn green when there is two seconds of super speed left.
  • 7. Watch out, as the game progresses, the whales get faster and hungrier!
  • 8. Click 'p'to pause the game.
  • 9. Good luck and have fun!!!

    HINT: Keep in motion because the longer you hold down an arrow, the faster you go.

    1 Point for every second you don't get eaten.
    25 Points for every inner tube you jump on.
    40 Points for every apple eaten.
    50 Points for every fish caught.
    50 Points for every whale fed by a fish.

Author: Yorktown Assembly

Download the Script

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