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JAVAFILE Recommends:

Script Birth Day Find out what day of the week you were born on with this fun little script!
Script Bubbles Puzzle This amazing puzzle game will keep you enthralled for hours. Very addictive! You are warned!
Script Checkers The old classic checkers game you can put on your web site. Very challenging!
Script Cursor Rally In this cool game your cursor is your car... just follow the track!
Script Chinese Zodiac Put the year of your birth in and find out what Chinese animal you are!
Script Crossword Puzzle Add a cool javascript crossword puzzle for your visitors to enjoy.
Script Jotto Game A fun and challenging word game. Interesting and fun to play!
Script Magic 8 Ball Here is a fun little script you can add to your site to help visitors make those all-important decisions! This script comes with 10 answers, but you can add or remove as many as you like.
Script Murphy's Law A series of javascript alerts that display various different quotes from Murphy's Law.
Script Ping Pong2 Another version of Pong. The difference? This one is text! A pretty slick creation!
Script Random Calendar Place a quote or event in for every day of the year!
Script Tama Tama This fun little script puts a cyberpet on your page that you must feed and care for, or it dies.
Script Translater Le ScriptJava Translateur is a handy little tool for whenever you go to France. With a few clicks, you'll learn to ask for anything you could possibly need.
Script You! This fun little script prompts you for various facts about yourself and returns statistics based on your input
Script YUK! This script tells you how old you are...yuk!!...in days, hours and minutes.
Script Bap! Colorful, fast paced version of the old arcade classic 'Breakout'. Setup is a breeze.. copy one line of code and you have a mini-arcade on your page.
Script Bridges Create a red line which goes from the one side of the board to the other before the computer completes a blue line from the top to the bottom.
Script Canoe Clobber Help Crazy Carl catch some fish without a fishing pole. He must be crazy!
Script Concentration The old classic game comes to life in this fun Java Applet.
Script Connect 4 Can you connect 4? I know I can't! Try it!
Script Crossword Applet Very cool puzzle applet you can add for your visitors enjoyment.
Script Dracula's Lair Draculas Lair is a super cool Java applet based game and is best viewed full-screen mode (IE users hit F11) at 800x600 screen resolution.
Script Drop Game A quick moving game where you have to catch the rain with your pad while avoiding nasty fireballs and falling bombs.
Script Figurines This applet shows twelve animated figurines based on Wassily Kandinsky's motives.
Script Go Applet The classic game of Go, re-invented in this applet.
Script Gopher Bash Gopher Bash is an arcade version of the little kid game, Whack-A-Mole, that you might find at a Chuck E Cheese.
Script Graffiti Wall Add your own wisdom to this simple to install graffiti applet! Fun!
Script Jonah & The Fish An interesting game applet based on the Biblical tale of Jonah.
Script Kaablitz Crossword Here is an excellent crossword applet! Looks good, plays easily, try it!
Script Kaboom Build something and Blow it up good!
Script Lunar Lander Another old arcade classic given a new lease on life with this easy to setup java applet.
Script Maze 3D Create square or hexagonal mazes and solve them. Very cool applet!
Script Mind Reader Mind Reader is a Java Applet adaptation of a children's novelty game.
Script Missile Commando A small java applet based on the old arcade classic Missile Command.
Script Nibbly A small java applet based on the old arcade classic.
Script Pacman The old arcade classic reborn in this java applet. Great fun!
Script Ping Pong Remember Pong? The mother of all video games is back in this java version!
Script Punch Me Quick and easy to setup, this applet will keep your visitors entertained!
Script Quiz Show Put this amazing trivia-ish applet on your page and visitors will be playing for hours!
Script Rat In A Maze Help the mouse escape from this cool java Maze!
Script retroInvaders The old arcade classic comes to life in this fun java applet!
Script Robot Builder Here is a very cool game you can play Online, or on your own computer. Build your very own Robot!
Script Rocks Another version of Missile Command only this time with falling rocks! Protect those cities!
Script Rushhour An intriguingly addictive yet complex shifter style puzzle game!
Script Scratch and win This applet allows you to easily and effectively add scratch and win capabilities to your website!
Script Space Wars A cool space game you can add to your page. Check it out!
Script Tux On The Run Help your penguin get to the finish in this very entertaining java game!
Script Towers of Hanoi Java version of the classic puzzle game. The objective of the game is to move all of the blocks from the left column to the right column.
Script UFO Attack Shoot 'em up game with a twist... you have to manually guide your missiles to each UFO that tries to land.
Script Yahtzee The classic old dice game re-done as a cool Java Applet.
Script Flippem Annoy your friends. Confuse your neighbors. Pretend you didn't know this happened. AWESOME EFFECT!

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