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Big Cookie

Here is a form that remembers all fields marked with a "*" for 6 months, from the time you submit the form.

Enter your FULL EXACT E-mail address so that this form can send you a copy. You may extend the expiration 6 months from the current date , and save any changes to the "*" marked fields by pressing the "Save Changes and Set New Expiration" button.

A Form to Remember!
A Library book order form that remembers your personal information.
Enter Name: *
Enter Address: *
Enter State: *   Zip:*
Enter Full e-mail: *
Enter all interests that apply:
* Sports * Reading
* Computers * Other
Enter your favorite news source: ( None)
* Radio * Television * Newspaper * Internet
Enter all your favorite authors:
Enter your preferred genre:
*   *
Tell us about your interests:
Enter Book order: (Title, Author, anything you know)
Settings will expire on:

(Do NOT edit.) Field set by Form.
Submit this form. (Save fields & E-mail to address above):

Maintenance Functions (Not all needed for most forms).
Provided for instruction and playing.

Author: Javafile.com

Download the Script

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