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JAVAFILE Recommends:

Script Big Cookie Here is a form that remembers all fields marked with a "*" for 6 months, from the time you submit the form.
Script Caps On This script makes sure the first letter of each word is capitalized.
Script Country Chooser Pick a country, any country...
Script Emailer This script is great for sites that have more than one contributor.
Script Email Form 1 When a user hits submit, there default e-mail program is automatically launched.
Script Email Form 2 A nice basic email script for your site...text and/or button generated.
Script Email Form 3 A button that launches the user's default email program.
Script Email Form 4 Nice e-mail form with a couple of reminder prompts. When the submit button is clicked, it loads the user's default email program.
Script Email Form 5 Without question, this is the best javascript email form I have ever seen.
Script Encrypt it Credit Card Encryption Demo: "note"...this is for demo purposes only. To use the script, you will need knowledge of forms.
Script Form Checker A "Smut Engine" to Replace Unwanted Words in Form Submissions
Script Form Maker Make your own feedback form with FormMaker!
Script Info Mail This JavaScript will send the author of the page information on the visitor.
Script Items Nice script if you sell on the web. To see how it works, type something in the box.
Script Mail Menu The perfect script for sites with more than one contact person.
Script Pick Address This script lets users choose an email address and then will redirect them to the page of your choice!
Script Sure Date Selecting any option in Sure Date will make sure you surely have the right date for sure!
Script Validator 1 This script checks for all correct entries and even disallows swear words if used.
Script Validator 2 Basic form validator...simply add this script to your existing email form.
Script Validator 3 Another Form Validator script.
Script Validator 4 Excellent Form validator script. One of the best we have seen!
Script Mail Form Easy to configure email form applet. Saves the hassle of trying to figure out how to create HTML forms!
Script DHTML Val Form This Form Checker will add a check in a checkbox beside each input box that is filled in correctly.
Script Country Selector Choose your region, and select your country! Pretty nifty form!

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