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JAVAFILE Recommends:

Script Circle Sparkler Very impressive script that makes a circling pattern of sparkles.
Script Circle Sparkler 2 Same script as as above, just scaled back and not as "intense".
Script Elastic Mouse Very neat script that kept me occupied for 20 minutes. :)
Script Follow This script will display a single image which seems to be stuck to your mouse cursor.
Script Follow Text Text that follows your mouse. Very professional looking.
Script Follow Clock Do you want your visitors to always know the time? What about just having a cool clock that follows your mouse everywhere? Then grab this script!
Script Mirror Mouse Cool code that mirrors the mouse's movements! This version will only work in Netscape but it can be modified (if you know what you are doing) to work in Internet Explorer as well.
Script Mousetrail Cool script that shows a trail of images floating behind your cursor!
Script Mousetrail 2 Another script that shows a trail of images floating behind your cursor!
Script Mousetrail 3 A single image snakes along behind your cursor... cool effect!
Script Roaming Cursor Display a second, "roaming" cursor on your page with this fun animation script. An image resembling the mouse cursor wanders around the screen. 3 different 'cursor' images included with script.
Script Sparkler Trail Dynamically created sparkle trail that follows around behind your mouse. No images required and cross-browser compatible!
Script Text Trail Awesome script lets you add floating text that follows a visitors cursor.

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